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dear impact

I am Vincent Fobelets, a sustainability and impact consultant. My goal is to help companies and organizations to reduce their negative and increase their positive impact on the environment and society. I do this by developing impact strategies, setting up data collection frameworks as well as systems to measure and improve impact. ​

Throughout my career, I have carried out advisory projects in a variety of sectors and for a variety of clients, such as Fairtrade International, UNEP, Sustainable Trade Initiative, ABN AMRO, OLAM International and Mohawk Industries.

Dear* Impact is about acknowledging and respecting the impact you have on society and the planet. It is about opening a conversation with your impact and regarding it as a close partner for sustainable growth.   

*dear, adjective

  1. highly valued, precious. A dear friend

  2. used in the salutation of a letter as an expression of affection or respect. Dear sir


how I can help you

Strategy and communication

Set the right sustainability and impact goals for your organization and effectively communicate on goals and progress with your internal and external stakeholders.

Examples: strategy development, materiality analysis, sustainability and impact reporting, capacity building 

Data and intelligence

Identify the impact data that best fit your goals and set up and implement a data collection strategy in order to optimally and efficiently monitor your impact and the performance of your efforts.

Examples: KPI setting, data collection strategy and implementation, supplier survey development 

Impact measurement

Measure and value the environmental, social and financial impact of your organization, investments or projects and learn which tools, analysis and creative solutions can be used to support your sustainability and impact goals.

Examples: environmental and social return on investment, sustainable intervention & business case analysis, farmer household income modelling 

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